Here you will find all of my OC pictures of Miles Jay in concert. Miles substituted for his Dad Steve Jay during the concerts. He did such a wonderful job! And since I ended up with so many good pictures of him, I decided to give him his own corner of the Web. He studies Composition in California. That is about as much as I know about him, just look at the pics!!!! :-)

Monday July 22

Cool closeup from the beginning of the show
Al turned out a little blurry, Miles did not :-)
Dog eat Dog (kinda overexposed)
Medley #1
Medley #2
Free Delivery or the crown jewel of my Miles pics
Miles and Al do the high kicks
Miles concentrates on his performance
He does the grundge thing
My artsy BA shot
Miles during BA
Miles and Ruben during Amish Paradise
Miles, the green Jedi
A closeup during Yoda
Panoramic view during Yoda
The Chant
Miles and his very proud Dad after the show
My friend Kim(left), Miles and Kim's friend Miranda
The Jay boys and me

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